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Valé Francine Shapiro, PhD (18 August 1948 - 16 June 2019)
Originator and developer of EMDR Therapy
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What is EMDR Therapy ?   Short answer:    Eye Movement Desensitisation (EMD) and Reprocessing Therapy (R).
I consider EMDR Therapy to be the most important development in the health field in my practising lifetime. I am happy to report that it has recently been approved by Medicare in Australia as an evidence-based approach to psychotherapy. It was listed as a 'Focussed Psychological Strategy' (FPS) in the Australian Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) in May 2020.
1.  Personal Consultation / Individual Therapy           ....... Patients (Telehealth ONLY, at present);
2.  Case Consultation / Professional Supervision       ....... Professionals (Internet ONLY, at present);
3.  Professional Consultation / Training & Research  ....... Professionals / Academics / Administrators (Internet ONLY);
4.  EMDR Institute Basic Training in EMDR Therapy    ...... Eligible Professionals (Postponed ..... pending ..... ).
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