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Case Consultation
Case Consultation

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Case Consultation is only available online at present.



Case Consultation became a requirement of Basic Training in EMDR therapy around ten years ago.

It may be undertaken individually or in groups, online or in person, within certain specified guidelines. 

To complete EMDR Institute Basic Training, Case Consultation must be provided by:

- an EMDR Institute Faculty Instructor (Trainer), or EMDR Institute Facilitator (Approved Case Consultant).

PLEASE NOTE: These are EMDR Institute requirements that apply worldwide and are not negotiable.

I am a generalist, so I am used to putting disparate bits of information together and for 'diagnosis' to be a little 'messy' and incomplete. EMDR therapy provides a way to manage 'messy and incomplete' and keep track of where we am up to.

I conduct Case Consultation in Large Groups (7-14) in association with my Basic Training Courses (min 6 people over 5 hours, maximum 14 people over 7 hours). Otherwise, I am generally available for Individual Consultation or Consultation in small groups (2-6) on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

Click here to contact me  if you wish to receive details regarding my availability over the next 3-4months. 

Click here to find a list of EMDR Institute Facilitators / Approved Case Consultants and their contact details.

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