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I consider EMDR therapy to be the most important development in my practising lifetime, which neither psychiatrists, psychologists, general practitioners, social workers, patients, nor even neuroscientists can afford to ignore. 

1. Personal Consultation / Individual therapy  (Telehealth ONLY, at present)

To book a Personal Consultation with me as a patient .... Click here  

2. Case Consultation / Professional Supervision (Internet ONLY, at present)

To book a Case Consultation with me as part of your Basic or Advanced Training .... Click here 

3. Professional Consultation (Internet ONLY at present)

To book a Professional Consultation with me in regard to Training or Research in EMDR therapy .... Click here

EMDR therapy bridges the mind-body dichotomy like no other therapy I have ever encountered. In my view, it is the natural heir to the best in both the major traditions (cognitive-behavioural and psychodynamic) and a host of minor ones. 

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