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Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR Therapy)

In 2001, Dr Shapiro wrote that, if she had her time over again, she would have called it 'Reprocessing Therapy'.  She was at pains, thereafter, to distinguish EMDR Therapy from EMDR treatment. For anyone seeking to master this fascinating and complex approach to psychotherapy, the distinction is  vital. It may best be summarised as follows:

EMDR Therapy (Phases 1 - 8, or all of 8 Phases) is a system of psychotherapy that integrates other approaches with:

EMDR treatment (Phases 3 - 6), a treatment technique that metabolises (digests) disturbing affect stored in memory.

EMDR Therapy represents the evolution of 'Eye Movement Desensitisation' (EMDinto 'ReprocessingTherapy' (R).

As it systematically promotes confusion as to what one is talking about and in direct appreciation of Dr Shapiro's own preference, therefore, I strive wholeheartedly to avoid ever using the acronym 'EMDR' in isolation and I strongly urge others to do likewise. Otherwise, it is impossible to distinguish issues concerned with the administration of EMDR treatment from issues to do with its use in association with other approaches.

As an EMDR Institute Faculty Instructor, I was trained and approved as a Trainer by Senior Institute Trainers and  Dr Shapiro herself. I am happy to present (90 minutes) on EMDR Therapy to any professional group that might be interested in it and to negotiate with both Public and Private (especially not-for-profit) organisations, to provide low cost trainings and ongoing affordable Case Consultation in EMDR Therapy. To contact me ..... Click here

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