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This is open to all health scientists (both clinical and non-clinical) as an introduction to EMDR therapy. It consists of:

 - a brief didactic lecture in regard to the Model, the Mechanism and the Method of EMDR therapy (60 mins);

 - a brief case presentation (PTSD) highlighting essential principles and strategies (15 mins);

 - a brief Q&A session (15 mins).

Participants are encouraged to read my Introductory article: 'What is EMDR therapy?' , before or after the session.

RACGP QI&CPD Program (pending):  

For general practitioners (GPs), upon Evaluation this activity attracts 3 Category 1 CPD points.

2. COMPREHENSIVE INTRODUCTION (6 hours) - Advanced Learning Module (ALM) $330 incl. GST

Designed primarily for GPs, this is open to all registered clinicians as a detailed introduction to EMDR therapy.

It is not formal training in EMDR therapy. As an ALM in the QI&CPD program of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), this consists of 40% didactic teaching and 60% experiential learning. It is structured as follows:

- a pre-disposing activity (compulsory pre-reading and a pre-test);

- an in-depth didactic presentation of the Model, the Mechanism and the Method of EMDR therapy (2 hours);

- a demonstration of essential strategies (resourcing and reprocessing) including a Q&A session (1 hour);

- a practicum in relation to assessment, case conceptualisation, stabilisation and treatment planning (2 hours);

- a plenary session to discuss the overall training experience and the issues raised (1-hour);

- a re-enforcing activity (including a post-test and further recommended reading in regard to EMDR therapy).

RACGP QI&CPD Program:  For general practitioners (GPs), this activity attracts 40 Category 1 CPD points  upon completion of all requirements and is accredited by the GPMHSC for maintenance of Level 2 FPS registration.

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