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Low Cost Trainings

Cost of (Private) Individual Training

The minimum cost, to complete the EMDR Institute Basic Training  (50 hours), is:

- at least $880 (incl. GST) per person for each of the 2 x 3-day (20 hour) Weekends                   (40 hours = $1,760)

- at least $55 (incl. GST) per person for each of the 2 x 5-6 hour (Group) Case Consultations    (10 hours = $550)


Total (50 hours) = $2,310 per person

Low Cost (Public) Group Training

I am committed to the provision of low-cost training to publicly-funded Institutions in Australia. Provided that the training is organised on weekdays only and all Case Consultation is also strictly scheduled to occur on weekdays (in Groups), for public Institutions willing to provide a suitable venue (with at least morning and afternoon tea) and:


- pay any travel and accommodations costs (I am based in Melbourne);

then upon signing a clear contract of service, I am prepared to offer package training packages at the following rates:

- for 6-12 persons:                                            (Total = $13,200)     (Sig $8460 + supervision)

- for 13-24 persons (requires a Facilitator):    (Total = $26,400)      (Sig $14370 + supervision)


Total (50 hours) = $1,100 - $2,030 per person (+costs, as above)

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