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Site Member Sign-up
Site Member Sign-up
If you have registered for a Training with me, you will be given access to all the Additional Resources provided by me in regard to EMDR therapy, including articles, presentations & videos.If you are just a visitor to the Site: 
Click on the                                   here, or in the top right-hand corner.   
You will be asked to provide your name and email address and to provide a brief message as to who you are and why you wish to become a Member. You will generally receive a reply granting you access to the Members Area. 
As the Forms on this website are not yet fully operational, if you do not provide sufficient details, you may receive an email from me asking you to do so. When you first Log into the Members' Area, you will be required to confirm certain details before you are given the Password that gives you access to the Additional Resources.
Thereafter, you will be able to use the Password to access the Resources.
Your details will not be given to any third party and you will only receive an email if and when the site is significantly updated, the Password is changed, or there are changes to a Training for which you have registered with me.
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